Gua Sha tool, Heart Shaped, Rose Quartz
Gua Sha tool, Heart Shaped, Rose Quartz

Gua Sha tool, Heart Shaped, Rose Quartz

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Gua Sha is a natural therapy that has been used for centuries.  The concept of gua sha involves moving the tool along the skin to stimulate the surface of the body in order to activate the immune system and move debris trapped in the superficial tissues.  It is used to treat long standing colds and cough, increase blood circulation, and to improve the quality of the fascia.

The Rose Quartz Gua sha can assist to relieve muscle tension,
muscle pain, cough, nausea, migraine, and more.. 

Rose Quartz is considered the “love stone”, as the vibration of the stone resonates with heart energy and creates a vibration of unconditional love, joy and emotional well-being. It is for emotional stability, and helps with anxiety

Rose Quartz has brightening properties, if you have concerns about your skin tone, rose quartz can be helpful. 


  • Helps promoting feelings of well-being.
  • Helps to ease tension, stress, and anxiety
  • Improves circulation and skin tone, reduces puffiness, and smooths fine lines and wrinkles.
  • Used to amplify the benefits of facial creams, oils and serums.
  • Heart shape curves and soft edges to hug every part of the bone structure of the face

How to use: Use your Gua Sha Beauty Tool over clean skin daily for 3-5 minutes for optimal results. Do each side of the face separately for maximum benefit.

Pro Tip: Apply our Natural Balance Facial Oil Serum or Brilliant Age-Defying Night Cream to help the Gua Sha tool glide. Tool should be use with light pressure and in a gentle manner to prevent bruising in the face. Jawline and Chin: Glide your Gua Sha Beauty tool upwards and outwards along the lower jaw line from the center of the chin out to the earlobe to contour the jaw. Forehead: Start at the center of the forehead and divide your forehead into three sections and glide your tool outwards. Scrape once, then move down a bit and scrape again. Cheek: Start at the nose and work upwards in a swooping motion along the cheeks & cheekbones, moving outwards toward your ears. Scrape once, then move down a bit and scrape again, move down a bit more to the center of the chin and scrape again. Under-Eye: Start in the inner corner of the eye, and glide outwards to the temple to send your eye-bags packing (be super delicate in the area around your eyes). Brows: Glide upwards along the brow bone - going from the inside out. Lips: Glide over your lips back & forth 5-7 times for plumped pout. Neck: Section your neck into 4 areas and scrape each section from the bottom up - 5 strokes per section.