Lure - Zen silicone massage cupping set - clear

Lure - Zen silicone massage cupping set - clear

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Professional quality cupping therapy set in medical grade silicone.  Used by massage therapists, chiropractors, physiotherapists, sports coaches, acupuncturists, hospitals, wellness centers, and athletes worldwide.

You receive a package of 2 cups in the following sizes

1 large (2") and 1 small (1.5")

For pain management, supporting immune and respiratory function, alleviates common muscle, joint and nerve pain, swelling, arthritis, knee pain.

Enhances athletic performance, improves mobility, flexibility, performance, speeds up recovery, breaks up fascial adhesions and release lactic acid build up.

Materials: Free from BPA, pthalates, PVC, plastics.  Made with premium platinum cured silicone for superior suction, flexibility, and control.

Care:  If using only on self, washing with warm soapy water.  If using therapeutically proper disinfection procedures should be applied.

(see High-Level Disinfection protocol)