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Jade Gua Sha tool, wing shape
Jade Gua Sha tool, wing shape

Jade Gua Sha tool, wing shape

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Gua Sha is a natural treatment that has been used for centuries.  The concept of gua sha involves scraping the skin to create an irritation on the surface of the body in order to stimulate the bodys' immune system.  It is used in treatment for long standing colds and cough, increase blood circulation, and to improve the quality of the fascia.

The Jade Gua sha tool can effectively reduce muscle tension, muscle pain, cough, nausea, migraine, and more... 

Jade has traditionally been considered the stone to create harmony of body and mind.  It is said to calm and irritable mind, and eliminates negativity. Jade is a cooling stone, so the tools are effective at reducing heat and inflammation.