Gua Sha Spoon Rose Quartz
Gua Sha Spoon Rose Quartz

Gua Sha Spoon Rose Quartz

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The rose quartz gua sha spoon is a versatile tool with a rounded end for performing acupoint therapy and a scoop for getting in the finer areas. Spoons were the traditional tool used in ancient times  This gentle sculpting tool allows for a more precise and deep treatment

It can help

  • sculpting facial features
  • drain puffiness from the face
  • release lymphatic blockages
  • release tension by applying acupressure

How to use:

Start with clean skin that has been treated with facial oil and/or hydrosol  Check out our Barefoot Essentials line of facial elixirs for your special skin type, and Quench facial mist for extra hydration

Start with the rounded side of the facial spoon, gliding gently over the face, laterally from the nose to ears

Work on the neck from top to bottom 

Repeat each stroke three times

Next, use the acupressure tool to work on the dips around the brow, sinuses, sides of the head and under the cheekbones  Also the tool can be used on the scalp

For the ultimate treatment, finish by using the rose quartz facial roller on the entire face and neck