Gua Sha Live training - Toronto January 19, 2020 – Meridian Care Center
Gua Sha Live training - Toronto January 19, 2020
Gua Sha Live training - Toronto January 19, 2020
Gua Sha Live training - Toronto January 19, 2020

Gua Sha Live training - Toronto January 19, 2020

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Join our 6 hour live training in Gua Sha.

Gua Sha is an ancient practice that has been widely used in traditional cultures.  Gua translates into 'scraping' and 'sha' translates to 'wind' or 'toxic heat' thus the meaning explains the function of the treatment which is drawing unnecessary inflammation, scar tissue, and heat to the surface of the body in order to be removed through the immune and lymphatic systems of the body.

Recent interpretations of Gua Sha have re-named the techniques as Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Release, and Graston technique.  The methodology is the same, minus the focus on the energetics related to Traditional Chinese Medicine.  We will discuss the physiological component of these techniques, and the research that has been performed to confirm its effectiveness.

Gua Sha is a traditional East Asian Medicine technique that  applies instrument- assisted undirectional ‘press-stroking’ of a lubricated area of the body surface to intentionally create transitory therapeutic petichiae representing extravasation of blood in the subcutis.

(Nelson, 2013)

We will cover:

  • the history of gua sha
  • the function of gua sha
  • understanding gua sha tools
  • gua sha treatment for the face and head
  • gua sha treatment for the neck and back
  • gua sha treatment for the limbs
  • cleaning and disinfection of gua sha tools

What's included:

  • detailed course manual
  • one face and one body gua sha tool
  • certificate of attendance

Your instructor:

Lisa Dowling has been practicing gua sha since 2000, and teaching external modalities since 2007.  Her background in both East and Western modalities offers a breadth of understanding and a wide scope of practice. As an instructor for over a decade, Lisa's ability to explain and share her knowledge in these practices offers students the access to otherwise difficult and obscure concepts. With a background in movement, anatomy and physiology, and many bodywork modalities including osteopathy, thai massage, reflexology, shiatsu, acupuncture and massage she offers a broad perspective on the functionality of the human body.