Enjoy the video and watch your practice grow, as your clients line up to receive cupping treatments.

Here's What You're Going to Learn with The Cupping For Manual Therapists Online Course

Carolyn Martens
Past Student

"I just wanted to express how much I love using cupping and kind of experimenting with it to treat different issues. I have a client with pneumonitis, and a combination of Flash Cupping with pounding tapotement has been super helpful for her. When we're done, she coughs up a bunch of phlegm and then she can actually breathe without using all of her chest muscles. I'm so glad I took this course!"

Laura Krieger
Past Student

"THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, not only for an amazing cupping course, which I walked away with a wealth of knowledge but I made it all the way home with no shoulder pain or discomfort."

Alex Aubertin
Past Student

"Had my first client since taking the course. I can say both the client and I had an amazing experience. The Dynamic Cupping broke down scar tissue that I would not otherwise be able to get at without killing my hands. Client had an increase ROM instantly and lots of blood flow in the area. High five Lisa on a job well done!"