Cupping - folk medicine, or therapeutic modality?

Cupping - folk medicine, or therapeutic modality?

For the past several years, cupping therapy has been on the radar for healthcare practitioners and the general public alike.  The 2016 Olympics was a monumental moment in the resurgence of cupping therapy when the most celebrated Olympic athlete in history showed up poolside covered in cupping marks.


The difference between cupping as therapeutic practice and cupping as folk medicine...

Cupping has been used as folk medicine around the world since ... well since before we started recording our actions.  Because of this, many practitioners think that its ok to just pick up a set of cups on Amazon or EBay, and give it a whirl. They depend on a sketchy, poorly written set of instructions from the manufacturers who have absolutely no medical or acupuncture training, and who have never considered the implications of treating the public in their 'manuals'.

What are the implications of treating the public? 

Well, the two biggies would be 


Neither of these things would qualify us as practitioners as following the Hippocratic oath of medicine, or protecting the public!!  

Any practitioner who has had even a minimum amount of training and experience treating the human body should be aware of the fact that any therapeutic treatment that has the power to induce great change can also induce harm.  Its a two way street, right?  So, how do we avoid harm?

PLAY SAFE, folks!!

How do we play safe?  It is really very simple.  Take a class from a reputable company, and learn what it means to properly disinfect your cups between patients.  Basic cupping techniques are very simple, I'm not going to lie to you!

However, the process of providing a safe and highly effective cupping treatment puts you on a whole new level as a practitioner.  There are so many ways that we can use cupping vessels to create great change in the body!!!

Because I love to share, and I am really passionate about keeping the public safe, I'm going to give you access to our disinfection guidebook.  All you have to do is give us your email address... this is not spam, there are others teaching improper disinfection methods, and yet others who are charging a premium rate for this information.

We want you to have it, and to practice safely.  And, we hope to see you in one of our professional cupping training classes hosted by the Cupping Revolution™

In the meantime, enjoy the guidebook... let us know if you have any questions.

best wishes, 

Lisa Dowling BA, R Ac.